The New Mysterious Destinations Magazine

Since 2013 Mysterious Destinations Magazine has been exploring mysteries of all sorts… From ghostly hauntings to alien encounters to animals whose existence hasn’t been confirmed by science. Readers are always invited to visit the locations to “see for yourself, and decide for yourself…”


Pirate Treasure in Tropical Harbor Remains a Mystery

The picturesque seaside town of Charlotte Amalie on the isle of St. Thomas is crowded with visitors. Few, if any, of these sightseers would know that somewhere beneath the clear blue waters may lie a lost hoard of pirate treasure – 24,000 pounds of silver…


Haunted Lighthouse Gets a Face Lift

A historic lighthouse located on a Maine island, home to ghostly apparitions and cryptid sightings, is undergoing renovations, likely with approval of at least one of the resident spirits. The current restoration efforts on the lighthouse station are coordinated by Keepers of Burnt Island Light as part of their “Keep the Light Burning” campaign, which raised over $350,000 for the project…


For Sale… Historic Building With Resident Ghosts

The Stokes Adobe in Monterey, California is a turn-key restaurant complete with ghostly residents. A reduced asking price, and the possibility of an even lower final price, may make this elegant building a real score for bargain hunters, but it’s buyers beware… The building comes with a history a dark happenings and well-documented hauntings…


Little People, Major Attitude… Mysteries of the Alux

It is noteworthy that in a recent survey some 90% of people in the Yucatan area of Mexico believed that the surrounding jungles are populated with a race of “little people” who have supernatural powers to perform both good and evil deeds, all depending on the mood they’re in…