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Sea Serpents in SF Bay?
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San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent... Painted by Timothy Morris

(Caption for Artwork) This artist’s rendering of the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent is based on sightings of the animal. It was painted by Timothy Morris of Australia. To see more of his work, visit

Sightings of unknown water creatures have been part of the human experience for millennia, and they continue today. Whether classic (and for the most part disproved) like the Loch Ness Monster, relatively recently described like the Cadborosaurus, or confirmed like the giant squid – the idea of large, unknown creatures lurking beneath the water’s surface has always held a grip on the human imagination. That’s why the Mysterious Destinations Team was intrigued by reports of large and unknown sea creatures that have been observed in the San Francisco Bay area. Click here for the full story...

SF Sea Serpent - Sightings in the Bay

Sea Serpent Sightings in SF Bay
Historic and Modern Day Reports of Unknown Sea Creatures in San Francisco Bay

The busy waters of San Francisco Bay may not seem the likeliest place to find reclusive cryptids like sea serpents, but both history and current events seem to contradict that assumption. Recent sightings include an observation of a serpentine animal raising its head and long neck from the water near the Golden Gate and a woman who saw a large serpentine creature consume a whole pelican in one bite. A compelling video has been captured as well. For the full story, click here...

SF Sea Serpent - Join the Search

Join the Search
How You Can Join the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search

If you can pack a camera, and perhaps a picnic basket, then head to the San Francisco shoreline -- you can join the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search. We need as many participants as possible to collect as much evidence as possible. Click here for the full story...

SF Sea Serpent - Where to Go

Where to Seek the Sea Serpent
With Video Interviews of Bill and Bob Clark

Sea serpent searching can be time consuming and sometimes tedious, so why not find a nice spot where you can relax and enjoy the view as well as some refreshments? The San Francisco Bay area offers many of them. Click here for the full story...

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