Improved Format for

An improved format for is expected to bring more variety for readers, according to Greg Latimer, Mysterious Destinations Research Director and editor of the online publication.

“Our original format revolved around a monthly publication with a single destination and a focus on all aspects of our destination – investigating the mystery, how to get there, where to stay, where to dine and other helpful information,” Latimer said. “Based on our reader feedback and our own experience with we’ve learned that a greater frequency of posting and a wider variety of subjects would be a welcome change.”

The best way to stay abreast of each new posting will be to “like” Mysterious Destinations on Facebook, which can be done by clicking here. (Mysterious Destinations is a company that offers guided tours to mysterious places and is the parent company of

Whenever a new article is added to the homepage, a notification will be made on the Facebook page, alerting readers to the new article. has already engaged some changes and more are coming.

There will still be a monthly focus on one destination, but there will only be one posting on that subject, with details like how to visit the destination yourself incorporated into the single article instead of separate, collateral articles. Subscribers will also receive a monthly electronic newsletter notification.

The rest of the home page articles will cover a variety of subjects related to visiting and investigating mysterious destinations, including a “Tools of the Trade” section that will allow readers to learn about the use of equipment to discern the possibility of paranormal activity.

The article will remain on the homepage for a period of two to three weeks and then be filed in the Library/Archive. (To peruse our Library/Archive, which includes every article published since the premier in April 2013, click here. A searchable Archive will be initiated on the website in April 2014 and the Library will continue to carry articles from the past 12 months.) welcomes comments and questions, which may be sent by clicking here to go to our “Contact Us” page.