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Sleepless Night at the Silver Queen

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We continued to be on the receiving end of EMF anomalies through the night. The anomalies would assert in approximate 30 to 45 minute intervals throughout the night.

Quite frankly, it was one of the most compelling experiences I have had while working with Mysterious Destinations. We had another Mysterious Destination to get to the next morning, so we never did get into Room 11. Just another good reason to plan a return to Virginia City, Nevada.

Numerous Incidents Reported at the Silver Queen

The experience that the Mysterious Destinations team had at the Silver Queen is supported with a substantial amount of additional evidence – everything from the well-known television program Ghost Adventures to stories told by travelers and hotel staff.

One of the most compelling accounts comes from Julie Christensen, a writer for Yahoo! Contributor Network who visited the Silver Queen in January of 2011, according to her report.

For the best part of her excerpted narrative, be sure to read it all the way to the end.

“We tip toed down the long hall and descended a few steps toward room 11. There was a heavy feeling at that end of the hall. At one point a growl was heard by the door. I decided to go midway down the hall from my room. As I stood there suddenly I felt and heard a figure running quickly towards me. It made me take steps back and gasp. I quietly but quickly returned to my room explaining to my traveling companion what had just happened. We both crept outside of our room and just as we were to pass our neighbor’s door, the door to their room slammed hard as we stood next to it. It took us back and we figured we had agitated the hotel guests. We continued down the hall when the running began once again. It felt as if the entity was coming fast upon you. The incident happened in repetition,” Christensen wrote.

“We decided to return to the room and try to get some sleep. There was an uneasy and oppressive feeling. We opted not to change into our night clothes and chose to sleep in our clothes as well as with a light on. Throughout the night tapping on the room door occurred as well as whispering heard in the hallway. Shuffling and other movements could be heard in the adjoining room. Early in the morning we heard people leave the hotel,” Christensen wrote.

After all of the observations made above, her account ends on this final, ominous note…

“Upon checking out of the hotel we met up with the hotel attendant who was having coffee out in front of the hotel. We asked how many guests the hotel had and we were informed that we were the only guests that evening. It was also interesting to find out that there were no hotel staff on site during the whole night. We had been the only people in the building,” Christensen wrote.

This is the kind of testimony that gets your attention! Even though Christensen didn’t have any equipment to help corroborate her observations, her description of unexplained activity at the hotel appears to be quite candid. And that activity appears to be throughout the building.

The Silver Queen is also unique among lodging locations in that it promotes its hauntings and encourages guests to experience them, according to owner Connie Carlson. “We keep a book that our guests make entries in describing events during their stay here,” she said. Connie has also had her own experiences in the building, hearing footsteps on an empty balcony at night and regularly having to pick up items that mysteriously “fall” off bar shelves.

So, if you’re looking for a Mysterious Destination that’s easy to access and offers overnight rooms as well, the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City should be on your list.

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