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Visiting Myrtle…

The Mysterious Destinations Team Conducts an Overnight Explore in Maine, With Some Very Interesting Results...

By Greg Latimer
Mysterious Destinations Research Director

Note: Mysterious Destinations will host two nights of Visiting Myrtle in 2014... Sat., Oct 25 and Halloween (Fri., Oct. 31). These events include dinner and an active Paranormal Explore at a restaurant in a building Myrtle once owned and overnight lodging and an active Paranormal Explore at the house Myrtle lived and died in. To find out how you can join the adventure, click here.

A powerful personality in life, does Myrtle Gascoigne still assert her will at the building where she once had a business and another where she lived, and died? has conducted two overnight investigations that, combined with witness testimony from other incidents, indicates the strong possibility of paranormal activity at both locations. The evidence includes electromagnetic field (EMF) anomalies, consistent flashlight responses, and dousing rod responses. The testimony includes numerous incidents, including two full body apparitions where the woman is described by witnesses as appearing in human form.

We’ve captured extensive amounts of evidence on video, and we’ll go over the witness testimony as well as other anecdotal evidence as we go “visiting Myrtle” in this edition of

(Note: A link to the video tapes is found in the “Visiting Myrtle 2012 Overnight Explore” section of this article.)

Visiting Myrtle

Every year on the Saturday night preceding Halloween the Mysterious Destinations Team conducts an Overnight Explore at the Tipsy Butler B&B in Newcastle, Maine, the residence of Myrtle Gascoigne who resided there for most of her adult life until she died in September of 1991 at the age of 75. There is a also an Explore conducted at the nearby Newcastle Publick House, where Myrtle had an antique store.

These Explores are some of the most unique investigations conducted by the Mysterious Destinations Team because of the high level of activity normally encountered, and because of the casual style in which they are conducted. The team has found that that the response level seems to increase when the investigation is approached in a friendly, conversational style. That’s why the annual event has been coined as “Visiting Myrtle”.

(There is still room available for the Visiting Myrtle 2014 Overnight Explores on Sat., Oct. 25 and Fri., Oct. 31, if you’re interested in joining the team, click here.)

Participants address Myrtle in conversational tones, compliment her on the way the building looks and even enjoy a nightcap gin and tonic, Myrtle’s favorite libation.

Visiting Myrtle 2011 Overnight Explore

The first exploration in 2011 yielded fair results during the evening exploration, but it wasn’t until the wee hours when the participants were sleeping that the most significant incidents occurred. All participants were issued a set of trigger devices (a portrait of Myrtle as a young woman, an edition of National Geographic that Myrtle was featured in and a “Moses bottle” of the type Myrtle was fond of) and an EMF detector. The participants in an upstairs room known as “the Groundskeeper’s Room” were fast asleep with their EMF detector on a bedside table with the trigger objects. There had been no responses from the EMF detector since it had been placed there when they went to bed, until suddenly it spiked  at approximately 2 a.m.… Emitting a loud beeping noise that quickly awakened the couple. The anomalous EMF activity subsided within minutes, and the couple went back to sleep… Until approximately 4 a.m. when the EMF detector spiked again, but with a weaker return this time, and in another part of the room.

Clearly these incidents indicate the presence of a mobile field of electromagnetic activity active in the room, something most paranormal researchers agree is a strong sign of paranormal activity. Moreover, the anomalous EMF field was seemingly responsive to the effect it had on the EMF detector as indicated by withdrawing when the device was activated. Given the pattern, one could speculate that the participants were dealing with an entity that was curious about them and/or the EMF detector.

Visiting Myrtle 2012 Overnight Explore

Visiting Myrtle in 2012 was virtually non-stop manifestations, beginning with the first guests to arrive in the downstairs room known as the Butler’s Room, where Myrtle passed away. While one participant was freshening up in the restroom, the lights began flashing on and off uncontrollably. Perhaps coincidently (if you believe in coincidence) this same participant was probably the last to have contact with Myrtle that evening. Late at night the participant was using a set of copper dousing rods to gauge responses from Myrtle. Finally ready for some rest, the participant said to Myrtle, “It’s getting late, Myrtle, I think I’m going to get some sleep.” The response of the dousing rods was immediate… They swung back and forth forcefully, according to the participant, who finally did get some sleep, but a bit later.

In between those first and last incidents, the evening was filled with flashlight and dousing rod responses in every room of the building, as well as apparent responses from a pendulum brought by a participant. There were also EMF detector responses, but fewer than with the other devices. The only disappointment was the lack of EVP responses, especially regarding some concern that Myrtle had for the building. Limited to the “yes” or “no” responses available through equipment like the flashlight, the team was able to discern that Myrtle was concerned about some problem with the roof of the building and the possibility of water damage. (In the spring of 2013 there was an issue with the chimney on the roof that caused extensive water and other damage in the building.) Myrtle has always been known to manifest when the condition of her home is in question, according to the innkeepers.

The evening Explore yielded a preponderance of evidence recorded on video. To see that video (and get set with some popcorn, because there’s a fair amount of video), click here.

Full Body Apparitions

Several full body apparitions reported in 2012 (not during our Explore) offer the most compelling testimony regarding Myrtle’s ability assert herself into the world of the living. While the reports are at two locations, in both cases the witness described an entity that was strong enough to appear human. In fact, in both cases the witnesses assumed that they saw a living human.

One sighting occurred at the Newcastle Publick House (where Myrtle formerly owned an antique store) late in the evening when two employees were closing. One of the employees looked up from the work at hand and saw a woman moving through the empty, darkened dining room. That employee assumed it was the other employee in the dining room, until he walked into the kitchen several moments later and saw her there. It would have been impossible to get from the dining room to the kitchen so quickly.

The other sighting occurred at the Tipsy Butler when a guest who was part of a wedding party that had booked the entire inn arrived late. Unknown to him, the inn was empty as all the other guests were out to dinner with the innkeepers. The guest knew what room was assigned to him, so he dropped off his luggage there and went downstairs with the ice bucket to find the ice machine. As he entered the parlor, he saw a woman standing in a corner, near the rear door for the Butler’s Room where Myrtle passed away. He turned and asked her where the ice machine was, and wordlessly she led him into the next room where the ice machine was. After retrieving the ice he turned to thank her, but he didn’t see her anywhere. It wasn’t until the rest of the guests returned from dinner that he learned he was the only living human in the building when he encountered the woman.

That same weekend, a lady staying in The Cook's Room (located on the second floor) clearly saw a white mist drifting across the room.

Full bodied apparitions aren’t rare for Myrtle, but usually they are not quite as robust as the first two mentioned. Guests commonly either see an ethereal form or sense a presence inside the front doorway of the inn, where the Butler’s Room has an entrance. Most guests who sense this presence seem to feel they are being welcomed to the location.

Myrtle’s other manifestations at the Tipsy Butler are so frequent that the innkeepers tend to disregard them, but an incident with a prior innkeeper was hard to ignore. The prior innkeeper was in the Groundskeeper’s Room with an associate discussing the possibility of painting the room in new colors. A large hairbrush was forcefully transported from the top of a dresser directly at her head… She had to duck so the projectile missed her. The room remained painted in the same color.

Manifestations at The Newcastle Publick House

Myrtle’s manifestations often include an intolerance of alcoholic beverages, according to those who have experienced her on a regular basis. (With the exception of wee nip of gin and tonic at the appropriate time and place.)

One manifestation attributed to Myrtle at the Publick House was the destruction of hundreds of dollars worth of expensive liquor when a large shelving unit holding the bottles crashed to the floor without explanation.   A more common manifestation at the Publick House are feelings of dread, or that of being watched, while in the basement. In a recent incident, a new employee who knew nothing of Myrtle was sent to the basement to retrieve some items. When she returned, she looked visibly shaken. She refused to say what happened in the basement, and she refused to go down into the basement ever again.

It should be noted that the Newcastle Publick House building has a long history that predates Myrtle. It was built in the 1800’s as the Customs House, and has been a location for all types of business and other activities, so there is possibility that entities other than Myrtle may be present there.

Visiting Myrtle 2014 Overnight Explore

The Mysterious Destinations Team is looking forward to the upcoming Overnight Explore at the Tipsy Butler on Sat., Oct. 25 and Fri., Oct. 31.

The Publick House will be the site of an elegant dinner from a special menu and an Explore of the basement area to search for evidence of paranormal activity.

The group will then return to the Tipsy Butler B&B for a “party with Myrtle”, celebrating her life and legacy at the location. The owners of the Tipsy Butler will engage in general discussion of Myrtle’s life in the building, her death there, and her continued presence there.

A full Paranormal Explore with equipment (provided by Mysterious Destinations) will then be done of the entire house. Afterwards, guests can choose to engage in more discussion in the sitting parlor, or retire to their rooms for the night. An electromagnetic field (EMF) detector and other paranormal detection equipment will be assigned to each of the four rooms at the inn.

The next morning will feature a gourmet breakfast prepared by the Tipsy Butler innkeeper as well as a de-briefing that will include an initial evaluation of any evidence obtained, including photos taken by participants.

“We’re hoping that this event will offer a unique experience to our guests, and that we are able to gather more evidence regarding Myrtle’s presence,” said Sally Lobkowicz, Director of Mysterious Destinations. “This is really less of a ghost hunt than actually visiting with Myrtle at her place of business and her home… And I wouldn’t use the word ‘former’ for either location.”

There is very limited availability for this event (the Tipsy Butler only has 4 rooms and 2 are already reserved at the time of this posting), and the price varies based on the room the guest would like to stay in. Reservations and additional information may be obtained at the website for the Mysterious Destinations tour company by clicking here, or through contact us, or by telephone at 207-380-4677.