Was Shadowed by a Shade?
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Shadowed by a Shade?

Was a Mysterious Destinations Team member followed by a ghost at the White Eagle Hotel? See for yourself... Click here!

The White Eagle Café & Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel is considered one of the most haunted places in Portland, Oregon, which is why the Mysterious Destinations Team investigated the location during their 2012 Research Expedition -- but they never expected to be subjects of investigation themselves.

Check out the tape and decide for yourself by clicking here.

Such may have been the case when Mysterious Destinations Research Director Greg Latimer conducted an electromagnetic field (EMF) sweep of the hotel hallway. Initial results indicated a number of EMF anomalies in the hallway but it wasn’t until Latimer turned around and encountered a significant EMF field directly behind him that things got really interesting.

He had just walked through the area, registering notable EMF spikes and a mid-level EMF field. Now, the EMF detector was pegging in the same area he had passed through moments before.

Why the sudden EMF increase? Was a paranormal presence following Latimer, perhaps curious about his snooping?

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