About Mysterious Destinations Magazine
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About Mysterious Destinations Magazine

How You Can Join the Adventure

After years of hosting paranormal explores on the rocky coast of Maine, and introducing guests to island mysteries on their 2012 Western Caribbean Expedition, Mysterious Destinations is pleased to announce their newest project: Mysterious Destinations Magazine.

“This online publication will allow our readers to explore Mysterious Destinations throughout North America and the Caribbean,” said Mysterious Destinations Director Sally Lobkowicz. “First, they can read about the location and our exploration of it at Mysterious Destinations Magazine; second, our articles will tell them how they can visit the location themselves.”

The destinations selected will be home to mysteries of all sorts… From ghostly hauntings to alien encounters to animals whose existence hasn’t been confirmed by science. “We want to cover the full spectrum,” Lobkowicz said.

Coverage of these mysteries will be from a purely journalistic angle. “We don’t claim to be experts on the paranormal or cryptozoology, but when we need them, we’ll find them and interview them,” Lobkowicz said. “We want to present the facts and let our readers come up with their own conclusions, whether they do so through our website, or by using the information we provide to visit the location personally.”

As well as mysterious destinations, the online magazine will cover issues associated with traveling to them. “Future editions will include articles covering issues like the process of getting your ghost hunting gear through airport security, looking for cruise based mysterious destinations, and what ‘orbs’ might be,” Lobkowicz said.

To compile information for the 2013 issues of Mysterious Destinations Magazine the team embarked on a research expedition that took them to seven U.S. states and three Caribbean islands, covering over 20 destinations -- everywhere from underground tunnels in Portland, Oregon to Johnny Cash’s house in Jamaica.

“We have plenty of material, and we’re still doing more research,” Lobkowicz said. “We invite the curious reader to join us as we explore Mysterious Destinations.”

The online magazine will publish a new edition on the first of every month. Each edition will feature a location somewhere in North America and the Caribbean and will also be supplemented with feature articles about subjects that will assist the readers in exploring the mysterious destinations of their choice.

All of the articles will be stored in an archive that will provide readers with a library of reading selections that will continue to grow with each new edition of Mysterious Destinations Magazine.

The principal staff members for Mysterious Destinations Magazine are Sally Lobkowicz (Director) and Greg Latimer (Research Director). Their efforts will be supplemented by contributors. “As time goes on, we anticipate more and more qualified people to join us as contributors, which will allow us to enhance and expand our coverage,” Lobkowicz said.

More information about Lobkowicz and Latimer can be found on the Mysterious Destinations tour website (where you can also check on some of the upcoming tours). For information on Sally Lobkowicz, click here. For information on Greg Latimer, click here.

“We invite readers to share their comments and ideas for stories or story ideas with us… And if there are writers or bloggers out there who would like to become contributors… Please use the following link to contact us,” Lobkowicz said. To contact Mysterious Destinations Magazine, click here.