Sleepless Night at Silver Queen
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A Sleepless Night at the Silver Queen Hotel

(Note: There are very compelling videos associated with this story. Please see the link later in this article.)

Living guests are always welcome at the Silver Queen, Virginia City’s oldest hotel, but they may have to share their room with the spirits of those long dead…

Numerous reports, from national television shows to tales from Virginia City locals spurred our Mysterious Destinations team to spend the night there. Their experience yielded more evidence of paranormal activity, but very little sleep.

Here’s the story as told by Greg Latimer, Research Director of Mysterious Destinations...

Sometimes, that which you are seeking seems to happen when you are least prepared for it… That perfect photo that presents itself just when your camera battery has just died; that beautiful beach sunset that happens when you’re still 10 minutes from the beach; or that late night haunting that happens when you really need to get some sleep. Such was to be our experience at the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, Nevada.

It was around midnight when we returned to the hotel after an evening exploring local haunts with Debbie Bender’s crew from Bats in the Belfry, the outfit that does Virginia City Ghost Tours.

The hotel hallways were quiet as we padded up the stairs with our gear headed for Room 11, known for paranormal activity attributed to an entity known as “Rosie” – said to be the spirit of a prostitute from the 1800’s who committed suicide in the room.

Our first surprise of the evening ended up having nothing to do with the paranormal, but instead with basic human error as we found that the key given to us when we checked in was for Room 12.

Nonetheless, we tried the lock on Room 11, hoping for the best – but it was securely locked and obviously unoccupied. The fact that the room was unoccupied was to become an important factor later in the evening, as we checked the area for electromagnetic field (EMF) anomalies.

There was no way to exchange the key, as the front desk closes up for the late night hours. So we headed down to Room 12.

The key worked perfectly.

The room was beautifully appointed in the style of the mid 1800’s, with a high ceiling, windows overlooking the night scene of a silent Virginia City, and our very own “water closet” (according to a sign on the door).

Our day had started in Sacramento (California) where we were investigating locations in the Old Town area and had covered almost 200 miles (with a detour in Reno) before we landed in Virginia City (after an interesting night time drive up the winding mountain highway).

We were ready for some sleep. But first we wanted to check our intended destination – Room 11 – as best we could. Heading up the hallway with an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector I was immediately confronted with EMF activity at a much higher level than several hours prior when we had visited the same area with Virginia City Ghost Tours. Now, we also knew that the room was unoccupied, and yet we were confronted with high levels of EMF. The area around the Room 11 doorway and through the hall toward the stairs showed the most significant EMF returns.

And so we settled down in Room 12. Per standard protocol we set out several EMF detectors, a digital recorder and a flashlight and invited any entities that wanted to communicate to take advantage of our equipment.

We didn’t have long to wait. Within minutes we experienced an EMF anomaly that seemed responsive to questions we posed. Click here for a link to video of EMF activity near Room 11 and in Room 12.

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