Sea Serpents in SF Bay?
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Sea Serpents in San Francisco Bay?
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By Greg Latimer
Mysterious Destinations Research Director

Sightings of unknown water creatures have been part of the human experience for millennia, and they continue today. Whether classic (and for the most part disproved) like the Loch Ness Monster, relatively recently described like the Cadborosaurus, or confirmed like the giant squid – the idea of large, unknown creatures lurking beneath the water’s surface has always held a grip on the human imagination.

The reality is that new species of underwater creatures are discovered in multiples every year, though not all of them are as dramatic as dragon-like serpents. Bacteria that thrive on minerals from deep sea hydrothermal vents. A white “Yeti crab” that features long arms covered with fur-like follicles that was so unusual a whole new family of animal had to be created to classify it. Even a see-through sea cucumber that uses its tentacles to creep along the ocean floor at depths of 8,000 feet have been recently discovered.

While anyone with access to a body of water anywhere in the world may find themselves a witness to the sighting of an unknown creature, some bodies of water offer a myriad of great observation points, and some of them come complete with excellent dining and accommodations.

That’s why the Mysterious Destinations Team was intrigued by reports of large and unknown sea creatures that have been observed in the San Francisco Bay area. Further research unearthed newspaper reports dating back to the 1800’s, and modern day reports from a variety of witnesses including Bill and Bob Clark, two brothers who have made the hunt for San Francisco Bay sea serpents a life mission.

We interviewed these brothers and asked them to show us some of their favorite observation posts (all of which also offer the observer beautiful surroundings as well as great views of the bay), and we’ll feature our findings in this edition of

Once you’ve seen the interviews, and read about how you can visit these locations, we hope you’ll want to join the Clark brothers and for the “San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search”, a continuing effort to capture photos, videos and witness testimony on these creatures.

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