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How You Can Join the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search...

By Sally Lobkowicz
Director of Mysterious Destinations

If you can pack a camera, and perhaps a picnic basket, then head to the San Francisco shoreline -- you can join the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search. We need as many participants as possible to collect as much evidence as possible.

For over 15 years brothers Bill and Bob Clark have been seeking evidence of sea serpent activity in the San Francisco Bay area and have obtained some compelling video and photos. They have also acted as a central location for those with information about these cryptid creatures and for those seeking information, which is how they came to the attention of the Mysterious Destinations Team.

During the 2012 Mysterious Destinations Research Expedition, covering seven states and three countries, the team spent a full day with the Clarks – reviewing their videos and photos, hearing their descriptions of close encounters with an unknown creature, and traveling to their observation posts.

For a very compelling video the brothers captured, click here.

Later, as we reviewed the files at the Mysterious Destinations office back in Maine, we came to realize that we could help expand their efforts, which is how the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search began at MysteriousDestinationsMagazine.com.

The mission of the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search is to collect as much information as possible in a one-year period beginning Jan.1 and ending Dec. 31 in 2014.

If enough evidence has been collected at the end of the first year of research to warrant a continued effort, then the search will continue from year to year. An annual report will be published at the end of each year on MysteriousDestinationsMagazine.com.

MysteriousDestinationsMagazine.com will act as the central collection point for photos, video and eyewitness testimony. Items may be emailed to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can be contacted by telephone at 207-380-4677.

Suggestions for Sea Serpent Searchers

Sea Serpent Searchers should feel free to contact MysteriousDestinationsMagazine.com at any time prior to beginning their efforts. Searchers can be updated regarding the latest developments on the search and receive suggestions on equipment to use and locations to visit. During their search they can keep the Mysterious Destinations Team updated and receive any assistance required transferring videos and photos, or providing witness testimony.

Furthermore, anyone with past videos, photos or observations is encouraged to contact the Mysterious Destinations Team using the email or telephone number provided above.

As the search progresses, a special page will be dedicated to the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search on MysteriousDestinationsMagazine.com.

To further enhance communications it is suggested that Sea Serpent Searchers sign up for a free subscription to MysteriousDestinationsMagazine.com (using the box located in the upper left hand corner of the home page) and “like” Mysterious Destinations on Facebook. (For a link to the Facebook page, click here.)

The search area will be bordered on the west by the Farallon Islands; east to the narrows at Riverview Park in Pittsburg (CA); north to the northern point of Bodega Bay at Agate Beach County Park (there have been past sightings at Stinson Beach); and south to Half Moon Bay.

The “special attention” focal point of the search will be mid San Francisco Bay centered around Alcatraz Island.

While not as heavily populated, and lacking the preponderance of sweeping coastal views that the San Francisco Bay has to offer, a secondary search effort will be initiated in the Monterey Bay area.

Equipment for the Search

Any digital camera with video or still photo capabilities can be used in the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search -- of course the higher the resolution and greater the telephoto range, so much the better.

A tripod is also recommended to steady your camera if you’re working from shore. If you’re working from a boat, the tripod isn’t recommended.

Binoculars are also an advantage, allowing the user to survey a wider area to locate targets, and then focus your camera on them. Some binoculars also come equipped with a built in camera.

Since many of the locations offering scenic vistas also have beautiful surroundings, a picnic lunch may also be a good piece of “equipment” to consider.

How to Send in Your Videos and Photos

First… Please don’t edit, change, “improve”, enhance or alter them in any way. Please, please don’t feed them through a file sharing service like Picassa that reduces the size of your original image.

Once you’ve identified something of interest, please contact Mysterious Destinations immediately (at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 207-380-4677). We’ll respond to your contact with the highest urgency. If the image or video is still on the camera, please leave it there. If you’ve moved it to your computer, please leave it there and leave it alone until we contact you.

Even if you’ve already changed the image or video (perhaps because you weren’t aware of the above suggestions yet), please contact us so we can check it out as well. The image or video may still be perfectly usable.

Join the Adventure

So, join the adventure and help us solve the mystery of San Francisco’s mystery serpent.

Even if you don’t capture any unusual images, send us an email describing your excursion and we’ll publish it to encourage others to join the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent Search.

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